Michel Ouellette JMD’s Resume

J. Michael Dennis

Michel Ouellette JMD, ll.l, ll.m.

The Ultimate Fixer, The White Knight of The Industry                                    _________________________________________________________

Systemic Strategic Planning / Crisis & Reputation Management / Process Re-engineering / Regulatory Corporate & Environmental Compliance Management

About me,

As an Ottawa University graduate, I specialized in Commercial and Business Law, concentrating on institutional regulatory compliance, corporate and public officer’s liability issues, collective agreements negotiations, corporate fiscal legislations and their impact on the business decision-making process.

Over the years, after the Union Carbide Bhopal disaster of December 1984, specialized in public affairs and corporate communications, offering consulting services in the areas of personal, business and organizational planning, change and knowledge management, operational issues and conflicts resolution.

Today, focusing on trends and developments that are likely to have a major impact on the way we will live in the years ahead, as a Public Affairs & Communications Strategist and a Crisis and Reputation Management expert, I concentrate on analyzing and providing to the public, valuable information and insight about all possible future developments in trends, technologies, lifestyles and global issues that will affect our tomorrow way of life.

Fluent in both English and French, with strong communication and people skills, with over 10 years progressive senior management experience in regulatory compliance, change and knowledge management, with responsibilities for leadership and direction, strategic business planning, fiscal accountability / sustainability and human resource management in the private, corporate and public sector, both in unionized and non-unionized environments, I can certainly assist you in providing systemic strategic direction in each and every aspect of your operations and protect your reputation.

Having highly developed analytical and business planning skills, with a proven track record, designing and offering most innovative and creative frameworks for implementation steps toward achieving guaranteed desired results, helping you achieve your goals is the name of my game.

Michel Ouellette JMD, ll.l., ll.m.

E-mail: jmdlive@live.ca


Since 1995: JMD acted as a Public Affairs & Communications Specialist. His main fields of activities have been Change & Knowledge Management; Corporate Governance & Regulatory Compliance Management.

From 1984 to 1995: JMD acted as the National Safety Health Environmental Affairs Regulatory Compliance Management Systems Coordinator and Specialist for Union Carbide Canada Linde Division and Praxair Canada.

From 1978 to 1984: JMD managed his own practice as Barrister and Solicitor. His main specialties were Business Law, Criminal and Statutory Law.

From 1977-1978: JMD acted as Assistant to the Secretary and Legal Adviser in charge of corporate communications and the metro network acquisitions and development for the Montreal Urban Community Transportation Commission.



Engineering, coordination and national implementation of a global, Canadian, National, Computerized, Safety Health Environmental Affairs, Quality Control, Corporate Policies and Regulatory Compliance Management System for thirty-eight production plants and distributor locations.

Results achieved:

Instant access to all critical information; 20% immediate increase in productivity in the first six months of operation; 100% conformity level achieved in less than two years, such level of conformity maintained for five consecutive years.

System sold to an independent firm for 5M.

Implementation of a similar system throughout California.


Strategic Systemic Planning, Crisis & Reputation Management, Regulatory Compliance Management

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JMD Live ONLINE BUSINESS CONSULTING, a division of King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation

Systemic Strategic Planning / Crisis & Reputation Management

Skype: jmdlive

Phone: 1. 613.539.1793

Email: jmdlive@live.ca

Web: https://www.jmichaeldennis.live/

Michel Ouellette / J. Michael Dennis is a Former Attorney, a Trial Scientist, a Crisis & Reputation Management Expert, a Public Affairs & Corporate Communications Specialist, a Warrior for Common Sense and Free Speech.

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